A Handful Of Grains

“We need to teach our son the value of money”, says the woman to her husband. “He spends all the money we give him on frivolous things”

The father of the boy thinks for a few moments and tells his wife, “Give me a handful of whole grains”. The...

The Fakir And His Message

It was a cloudy day. The time was well past sunrise yet it was dark and gloomy. The old fisherman looked up at the sky, shrugged, picked up his net and walked to the river where his boat was anchored.

As he was getting into the boat he noticed...

Quarantined Arachnid

The Quarantine

Jose Fernandez looked out through the dirty window, peering through his frosted spectacles, looking down at the empty street with only a police car buzzing through every few hours. Jose was not in a prison, he was in New York, in fact in the middle of downtown...

Tiptoeing Through Life

The distance,
it seems longer
and the journey,
it seems harder

Walking through life,
tiptoeing, escaping,
shards of broken heart
and shattered dreams

Evading the pieces
scattered on the floor,
the feet are safe
but the heart hurts more

Memories, bitter and sour
cause more pain
than a piece...

A Father

“I hate this weather. It is too cold. It is cold and dark for half the year”, retorted the Uber driver angrily. And that is how our conversation began.

I asked him where he moved from and he named a war-torn country that is always in the news. I...


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