Secrets of Success !

There was a time when I used to read the so-called “Secrets of Success”. I used to be enamored of the so-called successful people.

Then came a time when I was faced with failures I thought that the “successful” ones achieved success because they were lucky and then tried to show-off their success with their stories about how they could achieve what they did with meticulous planning. People with lucky hunches acted as if they were visionaries.

Later I started questioning the definition of success. Is a person successful only if a bunch of others agreed to his success. Everybody has an unfinished agenda or bad luck somewhere

The whole problem starts because the person who wants to be successful is measuring himself from the point of view of an audience whose approval he seeks. What could be more destructive than this - depending on others’ judgement for my life’s decisions?

Now I feel that the truly successful people who are remembered did not strive for success but pursued their passions and changed the world so much by their will that they cannot be forgotten. I think it is important to do things we believe in or enjoy doing. After all, Shakespeare had told us in his extraordinary wisdom - “All the world is a stage”. We are here to play our part, enjoy the part we are playing and clear the stage for someone else to occupy.