Train Of Thought

Sheldon: I’ve been thinking about Dr. Green’s efforts to make science palatable for the masses.
Leonard: What about it?
Sheldon: Nothing. I’ve just been thinking about it. Now I’m thinking about fractal equations. Now I’m thinking about the origins of the phrase ‘train of thought’. Now I’m thinking about trains.

This is one of the dialogues from Big Bang Tehory that I enjoyed watching.

We constantly do one part what Sheldon is doing … thinking. But we seldom do the second part of what Sheldon is doing … following our thoughts. We are mostly unaware of the amazing routes taken by our mind when it is allowed to wander. We can traverse the entire universe in a matter of seconds via our thoughts. If only we could learn to travel by thought!

I am constantly amazed at how our minds work. We can think, we can also think about what we think. I suddenly understand why we call it a ‘train of thought’. We can have several trains running and we can hop from one train to another, with a little practice. Sounds silly? But isn’t this what we call multitasking?

I also think constantly watching our thoughts is the way to strengthen the feeling of I, the real I. Only when I know I can play with my mind makes me realize I am much more than my mind, obviously much more than my body … probably some day this process might lead us up to the true realization of who I am. Just a thought I had on my mind.