Hunger For Power

What does a human being strive for? Simple - food, clothing and shelter.

What if these are fulfilled? Is the person contented? No way - there is a second list - bike, car and more luxuries meaning more wealth. So does being wealthy beyond limits make one contented?

Not a chance, then comes the biggest item - power. Power at home, power in neighbourhood, power in town, power in state, power in country … this hunger is definitely insatiable.

At the most basic level, every human being wants power over people and environment. Even a beggar would demand respect from his wife and would try to decide the future of his children. What could be the reason for this inherent desire to control others? This would definitely need some thinking.

But remembering this would definitely help understand the actions of most people and also help influence those actions. The best way make someone act the way I want would be to make him believe I am empowering him to take that action. No wonder every manager today talks about empowering his subordinate.

Just a thought I had on my mind.