Running BPT Automated Tests In Normal mode

BPT Automated tests run in Fast mode by default, reasonably so. The test execution performance is far better in this mode. I wanted to make it run in Normal mode for 1 run for observing the run on a slow application. But I could not see an option to do this.
I googled frantically and when I could not find any way to do this cursed HP mentally for not thinking about this.

Then a brainwave hit me. QTP has its own object model and we should be able to play with it using a couple of lines of code. I added a couple of lines to make the Run mode Normal and voila, the run was in normal mode.

To be specific, I added the following lines in the initialization script we have:

Set oQtp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") = "Normal"

These lines can be added anywhere, meaning in any component, based on requirement to run a particular component in Normal mode.