Banker's Rounding - VBScript Round Function Does Not Always Round Up

I was using VBScript’s Round function to validate data on an excel sheet. It was giving incorrect results, saying many perfect rows were incorrect. Tried all possible fixes and finally realized it is unfixable.

Reason: VBScript does not always round up.VBScript uses algorithm called Banker’s Rounding.

See the links below for details:
Reference 1
Reference 2

Effectively VBScript rounds 1.765 to 1.76 and 1.775 to 1.78 (leaving the last digit even).

So, if we need a function to round every value up, we would need a custom function. The custom function below is the one I wrote to solve this problem:

Public Function CRound(Num, Digits):
    TenPower = Int(exp(Digits * log(10)))
    NewNum = Num * TenPower
    RoundedNewNum = sgn(NewNum) * Int(Abs(NewNum) + 0.5)
    CRound = RoundedNewNum / TenPower
End Function