Who Writes A Tragedy, And Who Likes It ?

I have always wondered “Why would anyone read a tragedy?”. Apparently tragedies made for some of the most popular literature.

Also, why would anybody write a tragedy? Is it just to present the real tragedies they see around to their readers.

This is fairly comprehensible now. When a person has a lot of empathy and he starts feeling the pain of the ones around him, he needs to vent it out. Otherwise it can destroy him from within by making him lose all hope in life.

But why would someone read it knowing that in the end they would feel sad? Why would they go through several pages of descriptions of someone’s misery?
The simplest explanation would be that there is a sadistic side to everyone and a tragedy might feed its need.
Or, there is so much suffering in someone’s life that they feel content reading that there is someone else out there who has got it worse than them.

But now I realise that crying at someone’s misery makes a person feel alive and provides comfort knowing that he still has his heart in place. For, in life, we forget many times that we have a capacity for empathy.

Just a thought I had on my mind.