The Art of Failing


Failure is more likely to accompany us than success through the journey of life. Success is like spring, the best time of the year, but with us only for 3 months. We have to live through another winter, fall and summer to meet it again.

If we define success in a competitive manner, as in winning the Olympic gold, it is all too obvious. Each successful person is cheered on by numerous unsuccessful ones.
If we define success as achieving a personal goal, well, each of us has enough experience dealing with unreachable goals and unfulfilled dreams.

Of course, this does not apply when we define success achieving happiness. And the reason is simple - happiness is a choice. But that is a different topic altogether.

Now that we have established that we are more likely to fail than succeed, learning to to handle failure becomes extremely important in achieving success eventually. As someone aptly said, falling is not a problem; but not getting up after the fall is. More importantly, each failure is proof that we are trying to succeed.

There are three steps to handling failure: revel, retrospect, resume.

Revel in the progress made, thanking the universe for bringing us to where we are
Retrospect the reasons of failing, identify how to do better
Resume the efforts, for, persistence leads to success eventually.

And mastering this process, in my opinion, is mastering the art of failing.