The Handshake - A Love Story


Their hands met in a parting handshake. And their eyes met while bidding adieu.

Neither wanted to let go, of the hand or the gaze. They stood holding hands, uttering meaningless formalities.

They met as trainee officers when they were recruited by a bank. They had a few conversations. They had both studied the same subjects in college, and they had similar views on life in general. But that was that.

But she knew, in that moment, that she liked him. And she held on, hoping he would say something more, something that would convey that he liked her too.

He too knew that he liked her, at the same time. But he hated himself so much that he said nothing, despite her grip or her gaze.

And they let go of each other once her cab arrived.

And he remembered that moment and regretted not saying, for the rest of his life …