The Rat Race


Standing amidst all the racers
His legs refuse to run

Walking amidst all the winners
His tongue refuses to lie

Living amidst all the achievers
His heart refuses to cheat

He prepares his body to leap forward
He prepares his mind for the march onward

A tiny voice stops him in his tracks
It said to him, we are not rats

We are meant to share, not to grab
We are meant not to fall into any trap

The trap of greed, that of avarice
Not let heart be filled with malice

We are made from the spark divine
We ought to rise above me and mine

When the end comes, the memories will weigh
Memories of what we took, and what we gave

It is what we give that sets us free
For, a conscience unburdened, can help us flee

Flee the clutches of the endless cycle
Of joy and sorrow, of birth and death