The Burden Of Hope

I spent all my days
striving for a distant dream
driven by ambition, fuelled by hope

All I have left now
are memories of each futile attempt
and pieces of broken dreams that pierced my heart

I wish I was careless
living each day for what it was meant...

The Dream Bike

Little Romi gets up from his bed and starts running towards the porch. He is not fully awake, which is apparent from his faltering gait. His mother sees him, and fearing that he would trip and fall, runs towards him to steady him.

But before she could get close...

Be Like The Moon, My Son

“Be like the moon, my son, be like the moon”, said the guru,
glancing kindly at the disciple.

The disciple was perplexed.
Is the guru asking me to be like the moon that waxes and wanes?
The moon that causes the disturbances in the ocean’s waters and people’s minds?

Plea Of A Broken Heart

No longer can I feel
How I felt about her
My heart has forgiven her

No longer can I remember
What I felt for her
My mind has forgotten her

But I still feel the pain
The pain in my heart
The heart broken by her

I know not...

A Heart's Suicide

I woke up to a bird’s song
on a beautiful day
to bright sunshine

Yet I felt nothing
Nothing in my heart
No joy, no elation

My heart, it had quietly died
While I slept, it committed suicide
And left behind a note

A note that said
I am...


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