The Rat Race

Standing amidst all the racers
His legs refuse to run

Walking amidst all the winners
His tongue refuses to lie

Living amidst all the achievers
His heart refuses to cheat

He prepares his body to leap forward
He prepares his mind for the march onward

A tiny voice stops...

Am I In Love?

She glides past me,
like an angel’s feather
I feel a cool breeze,
in scorching weather
The touch of her tresses
made wind break tether
Am I in love?

A glance from her,
and I feel my whole being flutter
I try to talk to her,
but tongue starts...

The Handshake - A Love Story

Their hands met in a parting handshake. And their eyes met while bidding adieu.

Neither wanted to let go, of the hand or the gaze. They stood holding hands, uttering meaningless formalities.

They met as trainee officers when they were recruited by a bank. They had a few conversations....

Death Of A Dream

His dream had died, yet he did not mourn
For he had barely noticed that it was born

He had no time to notice its birth and to let it live
He had work to do, to ensure his people survive

He knew that this was not the fate...

The Little Boy And His Doll

The little boy was angry at being scolded by his mother for doing something stupid. He must have had a reason though seemingly silly from an adult’s perspective.

He was standing in the middle of the room clutching a doll. The doll was of a boy wearing clothes resembling...


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