Who Causes A War ?


Every time there is a war we hear people on both sides arguing why the other side is wrong. We also hear third-party comments on who is to blame. So it is important to analyze who caused the war to prevent further wars.

This is all good. But I had one crazy thought that I wanted to share.”He who fights a war is ultimately the one to cause the war”. Yes, many people might find this a stupid statement of a coward who never stood in the shoes of a soldier. Let me explain my premise.

Does a soldier ever ask why he is fighting against another soldier? Does a soldier ever ask if this war is just and righteous? It is he who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, yet he never once stops to think why he is doing this sacrifice. After all, the life of a man who is willing to sacrifice it is worth way more than the one who does not have the courage.

So what if all soldiers refuse to fight against other soldiers. How would the governments cause these wars then? Maybe to stop all these wars we need soldiers who are also willing to fight against “War” by refusing to be a part of the war.

Maybe I am wrong. But anyway, this was just a thought I had on my mind.