To Dream Or Not To Dream

The vision of a distant dream overpowers the mind preventing it from recognizing the current realities of life – this is the curse of the Dreamer.

This is also the boon of the Dreamer - preventing him from being seized by the sense of pragmatism that kills vision.

Pragmatism is necessary for survival but transcending it is necessary for making possible the beautiful creations which lend a greater meaning to human life than mere existence, and in fact, distinguishing human race from that of lower beings.

Dreams still have to be realized in this very same pragmatic world, which means having a dream to work elevates human mind while being constantly lost in dreams depreciates it. In essence, waking up and working is essential to bring dreams to reality and giving them a meaning.

This leads me to wonder what it is that keeps a man working and not getting lost in the dreams. It is the people around him, who appreciate his dreams and share his vision, that motivate a person to work. He needs someone to whom he can show his dreams and this desire to let others see his vision makes him work towards making it a reality.

The Dreamer needs a Lover or an Admirer for success. When a man raises above pragmatism the only thing that connects him to this world is the love of his people who expect him to succeed.

Just a thought I had on my mind.