Words Can Be Funny !

For the first time I realized that the way words sound can be classified as beautiful and ugly. To put it more mildly we can say that some words are sweet (this is a common descriptor) and some are bitter.

One such word I heard today was “Understandability”. Maybe it is my own reaction and not shared by all but the first reaction was to laugh. I thought the speaker just created a funny word. But he kept repeating it prompting me to “google” for the word.

To my surprise, it is an existing and accepted word.

More surprisingly, reading the word’s spelling made it seem normal and unfunny. But when I heard it it sounded so funny. In effect, it is an ugly word when heard. There should be some classification based on how people react to a word’s sound. Maybe some day I will take up this project. I am fine if someone else does it too, as long as I get an honorary mention :)

Just a thought I had on my mind.