Heroes Without Villiains

Every movie we watch, particularly action movies, are about the good guy(s) trumping the bad guy(s). Sometimes the good guy ends up dead after finishing off the baddies … which is even more dramatic.

Can there be a movie with only the hero and no villain? Obviously not, as how would we then recognize the hero? In other words, a hero needs a villain to validate his heroism. The other way is still possible - a bad guy is a bad guy even when there is no good guy to fight him.

So a hero needs a villain but a villain does not need a hero to play their parts.

What would happen in a world where nobody was evil? What if in this world, someone wants to be recognized as a righteous person? Would he start painting someone who has done a minor mistake as a major villain?

What would happen if a group of people, not just one, want to be heroic and don’t get an opportunity? Guess this is how lynch mobs are formed who kill a kid for stealing a loaf of bread.

Probably we should have more movies with less heroics and more realism.

Just a thought I had on my mind.