Tiptoeing Through Life

The distance,
it seems longer
and the journey,
it seems harder

Walking through life,
tiptoeing, escaping,
shards of broken heart
and shattered dreams

Evading the pieces
scattered on the floor,
the feet are safe
but the heart hurts more

Memories, bitter and sour
cause more pain
than a piece...

The Burden Of Hope

I spent all my days
striving for a distant dream
driven by ambition, fuelled by hope

All I have left now
are memories of each futile attempt
and pieces of broken dreams that pierced my heart

I wish I was careless
living each day for what it was meant...

Be Like The Moon, My Son

“Be like the moon, my son, be like the moon”, said the guru,
glancing kindly at the disciple.

The disciple was perplexed.
Is the guru asking me to be like the moon that waxes and wanes?
The moon that causes the disturbances in the ocean’s waters and people’s minds?

Plea Of A Broken Heart

No longer can I feel
How I felt about her
My heart has forgiven her

No longer can I remember
What I felt for her
My mind has forgotten her

But I still feel the pain
The pain in my heart
The heart broken by her

I know not...

A Heart's Suicide

I woke up to a bird’s song
on a beautiful day
to bright sunshine

Yet I felt nothing
Nothing in my heart
No joy, no elation

My heart, it had quietly died
While I slept, it committed suicide
And left behind a note

A note that said
I am...

The Rat Race

Standing amidst all the racers
His legs refuse to run

Walking amidst all the winners
His tongue refuses to lie

Living amidst all the achievers
His heart refuses to cheat

He prepares his body to leap forward
He prepares his mind for the march onward

A tiny voice stops...

Am I In Love?

She glides past me,
like an angel’s feather
I feel a cool breeze,
in scorching weather
The touch of her tresses
made wind break tether
Am I in love?

A glance from her,
and I feel my whole being flutter
I try to talk to her,
but tongue starts...

Death Of A Dream

His dream had died, yet he did not mourn
For he had barely noticed that it was born

He had no time to notice its birth and to let it live
He had work to do, to ensure his people survive

He knew that this was not the fate...

Pain Makes Me A Writer

I write
Write with pain as my quill and tears as my ink
Write with my broken heart as my muse
Write with my sighs as my words

Everyone can read what I write
But I alone can know the meaning
Everyone can understand what I write
But I alone...

Life Is What You Call It

Life brings joy and we laugh
It brings sorrow at which we scoff

Both are true, but for a moment
Why spend more time, in joy or torment
Both come uninvited, both go away too
Let them not leave any marks on you

Laugh too much and your stomach will...

It is time to wake up !

We dissect, dissect into sects
We unite, unite into groups

We want someone to give us a reason to start a fight
We need someone to stand with us, adding to our might

We need an enemy whom we can resent and hate
We need a friend to support us...

The Dilemma

There are times when I think I must hold on
There are times when I can’t and just let go

There are moments when I think I must fight on
There are moments when I lose hope and just lie low

Mind wanders from time to time
Thoughts change from...